Top 3 question about leadership

Improve your leadership set goals

How would you describe your personal leadership style?

I believe that a leadership style refers to a leader’s characteristic behaviors when directing, motivating, guiding, and managing group of people. I would like to describe my leadership style as direct, and leading by particular example. I enjoy delegating tasks and taking the lead on society’s needs, but I also like to stay involved and inspire my team by showing that I am working hands-on to help them, too. Also I think my strengths as a leader are effective delegation and communication. So many leadership style takes advantage of those strengths. I always try to delegate tasks to whoever is best-equipped to perform well in the task, and I try to communicate clearly about what needs to be done, and why. My leadership based on decision making, listening, critical thinking, coaching, inspiring, and motivate for achieving with planning goals.

What values do you consider the most important when leading others?

I do prefer that Leadership values are very important because they help me in determine how I want to achieve my goals and what type of leader I want to be. My core leadership values play an important role in guiding how I make decisions and what action I could take on a daily basis. I have deep meaning of values that underlying beliefs and guide me in decisions, plus in Actions, and ultimately shape of my days and careers. I believe that Leadership values are a subset of those values that positively influence one’s ability to lead effectively or be a ‘good leader’. I can foster and develop leadership values with time because I know that leadership values also uncovered by asking, earn respect, and people commitment to develop quality of leadership understanding leader’s needs value. As a leader, empowerment and development are major key role in my life, an effective leader empowers to others and amplifier their own impact as a result. I also believe communication is core of leadership value manifests in many ways and the Leadership is very important responsibility for creating and maintain the organizational vision too.

How do you inspire and influence others to get behind your vision?

Find your vision

To be honestly Vision is a powerful tool for energizing people around an idea, and it’s a great way to shape the future state. I believe a true leader always inspired and influence others through hard time and good time, and a leader must have many skills and abilities to faced challenges, stand behind people and moving an entire group of individuals toward a singular goal is a considerable undertaking. As well as my personal experience in effective communication that encompasses many concepts for a leader to be effective, one must be able to build relationships between different parties. In order to build a good rapport, one must be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of those involved, and within oneself. I have the vision to do something for my area’s children, such orphan children belongs to very poor family, and unable to continue their education because of financial matter working under bricks baths, shops and more. That’s why I used to collect every month some money for buy copies, books, and pencils and distribute them into those children. I make my space for others and empower others to help me with vision. I want to influence people with my best relationship and put down my ego.




Young writer/Youth motivator/Feminists/Gender Studies/Socialist/Researcher/Freelancer@/Fiverr/Upwork/Hardworker/Content Writer/Graphic Desiner/Creative Thinker

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Doleh Usman

Doleh Usman

Young writer/Youth motivator/Feminists/Gender Studies/Socialist/Researcher/Freelancer@/Fiverr/Upwork/Hardworker/Content Writer/Graphic Desiner/Creative Thinker

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